Wednesday, October 20, 2010

behind the scenes

Ive been trying a production line thing in the studio. Trying to keep things in sizes
 so I dont need to measure later.

Its not working. The sizes get mixed with the colours when I need to change threads in order to keep up the line.

A few things get finished along the way.

I love this yellow one,

and the back of this green dress has turned out lovely.

I never quite know how they will look until they are complete.
It is happening. I will finish some things for Sunday.
The rest will be for the next market.

MrTL walked into the studio tonight and I asked him to kiss me.
He said that someone was about to get kicked off poker and he didnt want to miss it.
I thought my offer was valid.
He needs to hedge his bets.

If you havent entered my pin-cushion giveaway its here.
If youre looking for the next installment of my quilt tutorial im going to do it next week now. I missed it this Monday.


Melody said...

Your work is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Oh these just look gorgeous. Such pretty fabrics and vintage linens. I have a real thing for vintage linen. In fact I'm soaking a pile of hankies right now! Such joy! Thanks for visiting my corner of the world. x

Julie said...

Gorgeous. I think my fave is the green one.

Kate said...

Maybe you could stick little size stickers on the bits??
Its all gorgeous as usual Wendy and your new shop is divine!
The name is perfect.

Frankie and Ray said...

I love, love, love those dresses. The green one is my favourite. I wish I were small enough to wear one! Your offer and Mr TL's response gave me a good laugh. Romantics they're often not!

zofia said...

so lovely...any size 7s in production?

AnastasiaC said...

your dresses are adorable!! love the yellow one too...really sweet!

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