Monday, October 25, 2010

quilt tutorial: part three

Were starting another row just like we did last time but im going to show you a variation on our now recurring theme. A different approach to this next strip, if you will.

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step 1.   Place the strip down and cut out the base the same width, just as you did before.


 step 2.    Were still using the weird little pieces we had from before that we had stitched together to make a couple of rows. If you dont have any left then simply cut a couple of strips in a smaller, thinner strip to use here for this next big strip. Or just quickly run up a couple of fresh pieces. You want it random remember. Anything in the colour choice you made will be good. Go for it. Whatever takes your fancy today. Youll know immediately if its right. You want it to hit you. Dont overthink things at this stage.

step 3.     Here, as you can see, ive shortened the base fabric by half so that our first patched square is ending up sitting in the middle of the quilt instead of at the end like the previous ones. So slice your base fabric in half.

step 4.     Add the half you just cut off to the other side of your patched square like here and then sort out your random strip (or the one you just made).

step 5.     Stitch on whatever it is that your holding in your hot little hands and step back to see how its looking. Its very important for you to see where your eye leads you here. There will probably be something that annoys you and you need to fix it now.

step 6.    To my eyes there was too big an expanse of my base fabric
so im going to cut a split in it and add something.

Im choosing to add one of my big squares and then ill check the length of the new finished strip against the existing ones. They need to stay roughly the same length.

Stitch on and trim when youre happy with what youve chosen to add.

Here you can see the overall effect of how we went back and altered the
 previous strip to accomodate the new one.
This is the variation I was telling you about in the first step.
I think were about the halfway point here.  Congratulations!
Always love getting to halfway dont you?

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MonetPaisley said...

I do love your quilts but feel I wouldn't be able to do this, I need slightly more structure. You may notice most of what I make is all rectangles :-)

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