Sunday, October 3, 2010


dining room curtains
dining room windowsill

bedside table

bedside detail

I havent done any crafting to speak of and mostly ive just been designing stuff in my head this past week.
Mr TL wants to talk about house plans most evenings so that is occupying my time too. I took these shots for me just to catalog and maybe place in a Flickr group, as you do. The book you see was given to me by a friend the other evening when I visited. She hadnt even had a chance to read it herself. I finished reading it today and it was a charming story from another time and place about a girl who volunteers at a country camp looking after little children on holiday, and all the obstacles she encounters. I probably should be folding my huge pile of washing that covers most of the bedroom floor instead of taking pretty pictures.
 But I dont want to, maybe tomorrow....


dorothybills..... said...

Taking pretty pic is way more fun than washing, they look great too! Love the hand with all the rings!

Alison said...

Hang the washing! (Pun intended) It is so nice sometimes to be a bit naughty leaving the boring housework for anther time and be totally indulgent, and look at what you've done. Much nicer.

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