Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a tidy room

Okay, so youll have to forgive me for posting a bit too much about home lately.
I have a secret. Ive been keeping something from you all. I spent this morning spring cleaning my bedroom because yesterday was Attack The Clothes Monday.
If you dont understand what im getting at you need to check out Samantha's blog, An Organised Mum.

 She has great new tips on some really hard core home organising issues. I thought I was doing okay, fumbling along from day to day, until I decided to try her way of tackling things. Im loving it! Yesterday I found myself folding the washing and enjoying it. All twelve loads that had been thrown on the bedroom floor, and they had sat there and been added to for over a week. Oh... the shame.... 
 Yesterday I wasnt overwhelmed or distracted. I just plodded along and got it done. Okay, ill admit it took me two movies to complete. But today I can show off my bedroom and be proud of what I achieved.

freshly hung artwork

sunlight at last

tablecloth bottomed curtains

my daughters self portrait

what im reading

Thanks Samantha. Youre doing an amazing job!


Yve said...

Good girl Wends....looks gorgeous and like a true haven. I didn't even see the window in the corner there the other day. What a lovely room! x

MonetPaisley said...

I have that book, could have leant it to you.... I win, I have watched 2 movies and only got half my washing folded. I put that away though...

Samantha said...

Wow I am so happy I inspired you so much. Makes me feel really good!!!!
Your bedroom is so beautiful. I would love to watch movies and fold my clothes, but can't at the moment, kid's too little..and not saving my washing until night, no way, that is my me time. Don't you find you are more inspired to create in an organised home. I can't wait to start creating again, it's been a while. You have inspired me also.

Love Sam

Kate said...

I knew I wanted to move in with you and I was so right.
It all looks gorgeous and sunshiney and fresh.
I am jealous.
My house does not look like that right now.
Maybe tomorrow? XX

The Moerks said...

I am seriously impressed. Love the curtains. I will definitely check out that blog.

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