Monday, October 4, 2010

a quilt

I started this quilt a while ago but im still loving the pieces. And I dont truly know where its heading other than that I love it.
Above and below are two squares left over from my grand-daughter, Mali's quilt.
Yes, I have quilt leftovers because thats the way I do it. I make a few squares and join them together and sometimes I make too many, sometimes I make too few. This time it seems as if I have an odd number, too few it seems, of the pinkier ones. It was a vintage tablecloth that I hand dyed and ill never find the same one again so theres no option of repeating more.

I like the background cloth with these squares so have put it behind all of the shots and perhaps this will give me an indication of how much of it to use to tie it in.

I sewed these while I was waiting by the sewing machine for Mr TL's design process as he was sorting his quilt out one day.

So its almost an accidental quilt. I was a bit bored, while he deliberated.

I had my stash at the ready and just pulled out whatever took my fancy.

 I added the pink edges later in the day.

Then ran out of pink and still have three middles.

So now it seems I need to make a decision and get on with finishing it.
Ill post about the process as soon as I have one figured out.


Evelyne said...

Looks like it will be a vintage looking quilt. My daughter made a long dress from material off cuts of dresses I have made her - will post, one day. Great way to piece the history of your fabrics.

zofia said...

these are so lovely!

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