Thursday, October 28, 2010

ive been holding out on you

Ive been holding out on you guys. These images were hidden in my private horde until I was ready to share. You must know by now how I feel about images. They can be held close to my heart, they evoke something in me I cant put into words. 

Some of these things are in my possession.

Some of them are not.

Some of them soon will be.

Some of them will take some time to build and plant and they are the places of dreams.

Some of them are full of meaning when thought upon.
(my favourite word this week...upon)

Some of them are reminders of my childhood.

Some will soon adorn my walls.

Images are taken from all over the place.
If they are yours please let me know so I can give you credit.
Im sorry for not cataloguing them in advance.

P.S.   I had to go look up the spelling of 'cataloguing'.
 Did you know 'carroty' was a word?
Before you look it up comment what you think it means for fun.
Sorry if you think this is weird.
I love discovering new words, dont you?

Im joining the Clothes For Me challenge over at Hazelnut for November.


willywagtail said...

I think carroty could be the colour of some people's hair, ie orange. Love the archway to a dream. Cherrie

MonetPaisley said...

I imagine that carroty describes a particular personality trait. "she's so carroty" and means whimsical, creative and sometimes away with the fairies but always spectacularly entertaining. A bit like Zjahlii :-)
Some gorgeous images there, hope I get to see some of these in the flesh.

Anonymous said...

Carroty is what you are when you have that orange tinge to your skin from overeating carrots, you also get the green fern like leaves growing out from the top of your head.


Yves said...

Your images are really gorgeous...very uplifting. It's lovely to have dreams as we day they will come true! x

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