Wednesday, October 20, 2010

more behind the scenes

An image from a childrens book I have in my studio. I find its inspiring me to stay in the right feel and era of my clothes, so I dont find myself straying towards the modern.
Surrounding myself with images helps immensely.

Sneak peek at the pin-cushions for my giveaway which started coming together last night.

Some little harem pants for boys. These have a little tree embroidery on them.
Perfect for Little Tree Kids.

These are boys too, with chicken scratch (thanks to WillyWagtail for telling me what its called)embroidered pockets
and leaf print binding im loving for spring/summer.
Im planning to have sizes from 1 to 10 in both boys and girls. Whatever I dont have completed on the day is in production and is soon to be in the shop.

Giveaway here.


melissa said...

what a gorgeous print , i can see how it keeps you focused, and those harem pants are adorable! You must have a neverending stash of beautiful doileys!

Gina said...

Oooh, harem pants. Ooooh, shop. Ooooh, new baby on the way I hope to spoil with handmade clothes (the hand-me-down-and-down-and-downs are looking pretty sad).

Melody said...

I just love your work, and your inspirational picture is lovely and does capture an era.

Evelyne said...

Good luck with your shop. Don't have grandchildren, but if I did, would buy those soon to be harem pants. Just adorable.

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