Friday, October 15, 2010

my happy hour

My happy hour this week happened right just then when I saw my youngest son trying on the jacket I made for my eldest son last night. (Which was another happy hour moment in the making. Can we have two?)
He wants one now! You dont know this child...he never wants anything I make. Of course ive tried over the years to tempt him with different things and he did order one of my kids vests last winter, but then had trouble deciding on a colour. Very frustrating. I will be offering these in the shop in adult sizes for next winter as a few of you asked about them. Ill keep you posted.

Its not lined yet but I have to finish it before he flies for home saturday.
Made from an op-shopped blanket.

For more happy hour moments head over to Dorothy Bills.
Im loving this new meme Eleesa.


Iphigenia said...
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zofia said...

oh, yay! That is a happy moment :)
I will keep an eye out for these. Absolutely.

MonetPaisley said...

You are so amazing, that is a gorgeous coat :-)

Alison said...

You must be over the moon that he likes what you've made. It looks awesome, I think you'll do really well with these next winter, although with SNOW AGAIN only half an hour out of Melbourne, you might be still able to sell them. Brrrrr!!!

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