Friday, March 12, 2010

my creative space

Im able to join in the creative spaces over at Kootoyoo this week. Im finally sewing again after way too long. I have orders from one of my favourite customers and a deadline.

I had to tidy up first just to be able to 'feel' my way around the new room. I still havent painted the table as I cant seem to decide on a colour choice. I have a raw piece of MDF on top of it to 'make' it larger.

Massive achievement, ladies. Ive never used this cabinet before for my fabrics
 and was glad most things fit.

Etsy custom orders are good for me. They keep me on track and force me to face my insecurities head on.

Ill be ignoring this massive pile of unfinished quilts that sits at one end of the table including the one I started 6 years ago (bottom),
the one for Mali that has to be finished before winter (3rd from bottom),
I dont even like pink and theres a pink one in there. What? Why? Who knows. Maybe im pregnant. Pink is for nurturing after all.
Loving the green one though, which only needs to be edged.
 If only....Yeh right.
One silly diagonal brown and red number I started after watching way too many shows of 'Simply Quilts' on Foxtel (while laughing of course, they take themselves way too seriously) I do admit I learned a couple of things though.

The order was for blue and purple but I just couldnt get past the blues.

After I found this embroidery in my stash I knew I had my jumping off point and the rest was easy.

Even for the boys pants. The circle helped me decide the shape of the pockets.

 So a top for a little girl,

and pants for a little boy.
The first things made in my new sewing room.


Sara said...

argh! I am green eyed! (well, I am, actually, it's genetic) Your fabric stash! Your quilt stash! Your adorable kids clothes! YOUR TALENT! I now know where my future children's wardrobe is coming from. Now I just have to summon the courage to concieve...this nannying experience has put me off the idea somewhat. I think naivity is a major plus when decided to start a family. My parents are gutted!
But back to your creative space - just lovely. Like you!

Sally said...

Awesome sewing room... lovely and tidy. Adore the little girl top and what sweet pockets on those little chap pants.

Kate said...

I love everything in this post. I love your sewing room, your gorgeous cabinet bursting full of gorgeous fabrics (you weren't joking when you said you had a lot!), those quilts (oh those quilts) and your little people clothes. I've said it before and I'll probably say it a few hundred times more, I love your style it makes me really happy! X

the textured leaf said...

You ladies are so nice! Thankyou for the boost. Im off to finally reply to said e-mails.

dorothybills said...

The room looks fantatic! You are a girl on a mission now!
The clothes are gorgeous, as always! xx

erika said...

I really like the top, can't wait to see what you'll make more....

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