Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bedroom inspiration

I havent got much to say today other than its hot and we spent the morning tidying the yard and stacking the new/old shed from this lovely lady full of stuff that we probably should be selling off or its going to sit there for 3-5 years.

Reading my emails I stumbled upon some more bedroom inspiration so I guess I have a theme going. This is a boys room from Ohdeedoh. Yes, you read correctly. B. O. Y .S
Complete with a patchwork quilt and a kind of surf thing going on judging by the colours. Love this! and Ill be showing my guys tonight to see if they approve.

Also I found this really groovy look from Country Living.
This look could be boyish too.
I think Ill post more when I have been busy doing things that are too boring to mention.
Yes...yes I will.


Sara said...

oops i got distracted and lost my comment. To summarise - I vote room #1. blue grey walls, nice lighting, simple, modern yet homely and lived in.
what lucky boys you have :-)


I love the butter yellow walls and handing stars in the second image...

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