Sunday, March 21, 2010

five faves

Im playing along with Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes and listing my Five Faves.

The first has to be to this house that since seeing it has cemented in me a whole new level of how id like to build. Its pretty unforgettable.

The favourite thing I did this week was get back to my sewing so im loving the stuff Ive been making and the process.

The song 'Start wearing purple', by Gogol Bordello. But I dont know how to do a link for it sorry/scrap that I do now thanks to Sara. They are a gypsy punk band but dont let that stop you from checking them out.

Seeing Eleesa's favourite childhood photo of herself in her amazing dress that her Nanna made.

Nat Geos Madventures on Foxtel. The guy who does this series is so earthy and hilarious. Im trying to find out if he does anything else. So if you know of anything let me know. Apologies to anyone who doesnt have the channel.

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Sara said...

Hey! Love that song, hilarious - i found it on youtube so you could link to it if you like?

also, let's pool our resources and offer Dan and Shannon an offer they can't refuse! What an amazing house. droooooools.

p.s I am passing on a kreative blogger award to yours truly. please see my blog for more info xxx

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