Monday, March 22, 2010

from dishes in the morning to being tucked in at night

Ive been given a Kreative Blogger Award by the sunniest of them all, Sara from In The Light Of The Sun. I have to share 7 things about myself and then pass the Award on to 7 more unsuspecting ladies.

1*  I actually enjoy doing the dishes in the morning. I can think about my day and it helps me focus on the important things while doing something brainless. Only in the morning mind you, not necessarily any other time of the day.

2*   Im allergic to raw onions. They make me really ill. Once I was ill for 2 whole days. I can have cooked ones and I never leave them out when im cooking at home. If an onion is really strong I can become ill from just chopping it and getting the juice on my hands.

3*   I can watch the same movie over and over and cry at the same moments over and again. Its kind of an enforced torture. I dont enjoy crying one little bit but realise its healthy. I even have my husband in on it now. We watch 'P.S. I Love You' whenever the mood takes HIM!

4*  I put fresh linen on our bed twice a week for that hotel freshly made feel, even though I cant keep up with the washing/folding as it is. Its my one true luxury, nothing beats it for me.

5*   I still tuck my kids in when I get the urge. Thats full tucking in with neck to foot scrunching of blankets. My mum used to do this with me and im keeping up the family tradition. (In case this is your first visit to my blog and you dont know how old my kids are... they are 15 and 17 year old boys.)

One of my favourites of when they crashed on the couches soon after we started moving house. Dont they look like they still need to be tucked in?

   (Oops I had stopped at 5 the other night and I have no idea why?)
heres the other 2, duh.

6*   I have at least 50 things on the go, in different stages of creativeness, at any given moment in time. I dont like this fact about myself one little bit and am trying to learn to see it in a good light. I have tried over the years to whittle the list down but I only end up getting the most vibrant, irrational burst of enthusiasm to start something new and then the list skyrockets out of control. Very frustrating.

7*   Im trying to become, (turn myself into) a morning person. I find it incredibly difficult to get dressed in the morning and wander around the house in denial that ill have to get dressed at some stage. It doesnt help that our shower here at this new/old house is scalding hot and I burnt my stomach and feet the first time I used it. Its one of those ones that you have to adjust one millimetre at a time.

Thanks Sara for nominating me and here are my picks.


the textured leaf said...

Any body passing through here on their way somewhere else. Could you please tell me how to use/download the translater from Google, if you know. Ive tried and failed.

Sara said...

hahaha I bet you it's a porn link. But sorry, I don't know how to use it either.
Raw onions huh? that's interesting. As it happens, my mum is an allergy nurse, she does those tests to see what people are allergic too. She tells me about all the crazy things people are allergic to but I've never heard of raw onions before.
Also - I LOVE fresh sheets but could never keep up with the laundry changing them twice a week! I insist on freshly showered bodies when the sheets have been changed and no... you know what. just so they can stay clean for that little bit longer!! probably why tom likes the dirty ones....
I'm not a morning person either - and our shower is super sensitive too. Thankfully I like it hot. Even though it's bad for you.
Oh and I am a sucker for crying during movies. I have over active tear ducts in general. I was crying so much reading the final harry potter that i "had to" use my bed sheet as a hanky. no joke. bit of a low point. promise that i changed the sheets after!!
thanks for playing along Wendy. As those cheery Americanos say - great to know you! xx

Molly said...

thank you so much for the award! love your list. i don't like to get dressed in the morning either, but i justify staying in my PJs to get things done around the house or garden, then i don't get another set of clothes dirty!

dorothybills said...

Thanks so much for the award, it was fun to play along, I love that your boys still love being tucked in at night, my big kids are the same. xx

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