Monday, March 15, 2010

a surprise weekend away

We got a late phone call on Thursday night inviting us away for the weekend. The cabin had been booked and all we had to do was get in the car with a change of clothes and a bit of bedding and go.
I wasnt feeling that great but of course I was going!
Cuddles with my grand-daughter for 2 days. Heavenly. 

My daughter and I got dropped off by our lovely
 (but very keen to get out on the boat) hubbies at a random country town in Vic while they went fishing.

It was raining so we had reservations about leaving the warmth of the car, especially with baby, in the rain.
We were on the hunt for op-shops but werent holding our breath.

I told her not to worry and if all else failed at least we could have lunch at the pub.

To the girl running barefoot full pelt down the street in your evening dress,

sorry, but you were funny.

I wanted to capture everything we passed because if the fishing was bad our visit might be shortlived.

The gorgeous colours and architecture, (why does everything look better when its raining?)

typography of another era,

kooky mosaics of yet another era

looking up to see aging forms of shop fronts,
even if I was slowing down the hunt.

I knew there had to be one at least, there always is isnt there?
Thats her in the background waiting patiently.

We didnt have to worry about baby after all,
what, with all that colour and fabric to feel and touch.
A nice big bag of goodies, (the bottom of the pram was chockas as well).

This shop was closed....
 cos those two unusual side tables were just a little bit too swedish and very tempting to try to squeeze into the car. Im famous for buy now, think later. Even when im overseas.

We stopped for a chai and berry pancakes at a friendly, old-fashioned-service cafe that I now wish id written the name of for here. 

Then we found our second op-shop.
Yay! more goodies.
We split everything down the middle, Zja and I.
Thats pancakes,
and fabrics we find.
 We go home (our cabin for the night) and get the scissors out
(freshly purchased at the local IGA as I forgot mine, plus Zja needed a haircut)
and slice most of our stuff in half.

Its a buzz when we get back together down the track to see what weve individually done with our halves.
I might line a hood where she may make a whole dress.
Packing the car to go home wasnt so fun.
Fishing hooks and vintage fabrics are not a good mix.

What did you end up doing this weekend?


Sara said...

Hooray for spontaneous holidays! What a fab weekend. Your daughter is gorgeous (I am biased towards stunning brunettes though of course!) and so is your darling granddaughter, what a great trio for op shopping and cafe hopping! I wish my mum loved op shopping. She tried to teach me how to window shop as a child but I just never got into it! She does get carried away in fabric stores though. usually she makes stuff with her stash and i just stash mine all up. or ask her to make me what i want. Hopeless failed child of a sewer I am...
also love the vintage font and stuff looks good in the rain because it's moody i think.
My weekend was not nearly as exciting as yours. Harrrumph.

the textured leaf said...

She was blonde last time I saw her!

Kate said...

Thanks for that Wendy! I came over here procrastinating from organising the swap stuff and I feel like I've had a holiday. Gorgeous but I wish you had come here. X

the textured leaf said...

Thanks so much for adding me at the last minute, Kate! x You would love this place I think. Its virgin op-shop territory if there is any left.

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