Friday, March 26, 2010

once upon an irish home

In a quiet lane in Ireland stands a house that was once a home
and a garden that was once loved and played in
a window with a view someone looked out upon everyday
 with water pots at the back door for household animals
and brambles that were unclipped and left to run wild
a house that was filled with laughter and music
touches of love exist where you see the colour of painted blue
applied by a careful hand long ago
through a window curtains still sway in the breeze
 forgotten ornaments remain on the mantelpiece
 dishes drying on the sink waiting to be put away...

Every house has a story all of its own...


Sara said...

this is lovely. was this an abandoned house that you crept into or someones you knew? I always want to go through abandoned places but rarely summon the courage/guts. not very adventurous am i?

the textured leaf said...

This was both actually. Our friends that we travelled around with, it was her neighbours home. We wondered what had happened to the family. It was a very special experience to be in this place. I dont know how to put it into words, but you would, no doubt. w

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