Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dorothy Bills giveaway!

Hey all you girls who need just one more pin-cushion. Head on over to Dorothy Bills and snag yourself a chance to win one of her beautiful creations. I assure you, you wont be dissapointed if youre the winner of one of three she is giving away.

Speaking of pin-cushions .....I was the lucky recipient of this from Leonie at Raglan Guld.
And I mean Lucky!

Meet Helena. She will never be lost under a pile of fabric.
How divine is she?  I have no words.
Theres no way ill be sticking pins in her anytime soon.
Sorry Leonie, but she and I will be getting to know each other first over many cups of tea.


Leonie Guld said...

She does look FINE....oh so fine next to that french hand!!! I am thrilled with the colors now that I see her sitting up in your home. Thanks again for the have been an absolute delight to create for. xx

the textured leaf said...

Sure thing! Anytime you need to fall off your chair, im your girl. x

Sara said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this babushka doll softie! i wouldn't stick pins in her either. You're a lucky lady Wendy and you are very talented Leonie!

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