Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the hostess

Have you found Stephanie Conley yet? Next time I dont know what to do for dinner (tonight) her blog will be first on my list. Actually I dont really have a list.

Im trying this one tonight, for Vietnamese Chicken Salad.
                           She has armfuls of simple recipes that even I will enjoy cooking. I quickly scrolled through her first page of amazingly easy recipes and was delighted to find that I already had most things on hand waiting in my pantry cupboard!

                         I might have to buy a piece of fish here or a bunch of herbs there, but most I had!


Be sure to pop on over. Theres not a moment to lose.
Im off to get some mint and coriander.

1 comment:

dorothybills said...

oh yummy looking stuff!
Must say I make a mean choc cake that looks like that one on the bottom, will have to make it for you next time you visit! x

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