Thursday, March 18, 2010

the best salad ever

Last night I chopped herbs, sliced vegies, shredded chicken and made dressing all in 15 minutes!
 This recipe was destined for my table.

This was a night for a tablecloth,
a night to christen our newly set-up dining room

a night to push the never ending washing pile to the other end of the table

it looks smaller from here, ill sit at this end thanks

so what did they say?
'this is the best salad ever'


AMIT said...

It must be a yummy salad.

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Sara said...

ooh I missed this post somehow. Yummy meal! Looks delish. Love the pile of washing at the end of the table. Oh how I miss/yearn for a dining table. We only have a coffee table right now and it is always overflowing....
I solve that ironing dilemna by just not owning an iron.
p.s maybe you could use a captcha filter on your comments so they dont get as many spammy ones coming through? wouldn't stop me spamming you though! xx

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