Monday, March 29, 2010

boys pants etsy order

I had an order for a couple of pairs of boys pants.
No problem (thought me)
Well....they took me about four hours.
I just wasnt thinking straight this day. So many things went wrong.
Here are just two examples of complete stuff ups. These were while I was still happy enough to take some shots of my (un)progress. There were more. Many more.

This is me pinning the pockets on BEFORE I had sewn the top down!
I was walking back and forward from the back room to my machines.
I was going a bit nuts.

Here is my second attempt, see the top has been neatly stitched FIRST this time. Much better.
I was getting all hot under the collar. The more I had to unpick.... the more mistakes I was MAKING.

I stupidly decided that they would look better with some top-stitching on the INSIDE of the leg.

Have you ever found yourself in this sticky situation?

They turned out beautifully in the end.

Im pretty sure the only thing that didnt go wrong was breaking a needle.
Im way too experienced for silly things like that!

1 comment:

Kate said...

They did turn out beautifully in the end but my goodness I know those days. Bren always tells me to walk away and come back to it later but I have to keep stuffing it up until I get it right. X

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