Friday, March 26, 2010

bedroom inspiration

Over at Country Living there are a fair few bedrooms and some of them with things you may not have seen done before. Im going to share the ones that caught my eye with you over the next few days when I have nothing else to offer, (Im hoping to catch up on some housework) like this one above with multiple artworks hanging over the bed.
 I loved the feel that this evokes of a gallery. Country scenes like these are fairly easy to source at op-shops and they look wonderful hung in a group like this, in all their mis-matched glory, dont you think?


Kate said...

Yep, its gorgeous, I love those mismatched clocks on the bedside table too. X

the textured leaf said...

Ooohh... clever spotting. I never saw them. Imagine having three alarms go off in the morning, actually that would be kind of poetic justice (for me)

Ruostevilla said...

Just think, Country Living is one of my favorite magazines, I find the British edition over here. Nice to think we have same kind of interests even so far away:)

the textured leaf said...

I love the British one the most. Its so different to the Aussie one.

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