Sunday, March 7, 2010

a good sort

I have one thing on my mind at the moment and that is the need to sort all of my clothes out. And the rest of the family's as well. A change of season is in the air and with the rain that has been promised us over the next few days I always feel cleansed and ready for an adventure into clearing out and freshening things up.


Now, I know we have only just moved house. Its not like we have been here long enough to need to spring clean. This isnt what I mean. Its more the feeling of downsizing our clothing and sorting things into summer clothing and winter clothing, in order to be able to store the winter stuff high up and maximise the ready at hand space below. Our cupboards reach the ceiling, you see. But theres no way I want to be foraging around perched high up on a stool just to find a favourite pair of jeans. Believe me, this kind of search happens almost daily. Im pretty slack when it comes to folding and putting away. The boys rooms have no storage at all (and I dont want to buy wardrobes just for this house that I wont need again) so their dressy clothes that need to be hung are going to be in our room as well. This picture above is the only hanging space.
Our old house had double deep wardrobes, thats two layers of hanging that you could step into, and these were in 3 rooms. Plus masses of floor to ceiling shelving as far as the eye could see.
No wonder the clothing situation is on my mind!

I have done a whole stash of sorting already but it doesnt seem enough. In fact it feels as if im only half way.
So far......

I have a huge op-shop box that is on the front porch. Outside is always best, then the risk of it being brought back inside is considerably less. Plus youre halfway to the car. Another bonus.

There is an even larger box of goodies for a friend. Including these wonderful crocheted rugs. I found this box sheer childish fun to fill as I think I know her taste and shes going to ooh and ahh over things that I no longer need. I have a secret desire to see them in a new home. And theres a piece of furniture for her too. Nothing wonderful, but a chest of drawers that will come in handy.

I sorted out my ornaments into colours for each room. This is always a jumping off point for me. Its a simplistic approach that works even when im tired. I like to group all the baskets, then glassware, green ceramics, paintings in a stack in one room so I can see them all together and so on. Im getting away from the subject of clothes though, arent I? Im trying to muster up the courage, I suppose. Especially for one room in particular....

My sewing room is diabolical just as I anticipated. No photo needed here just imagine about ten boxes after the cupboards are full and youll be close.
It is my laundry as well, you see. Dont know how this will work as a space but im definitely gonna give it a good try for a few months. Ill need to be ultra organised to follow through with my creativity. I always feel as if I cant quite get there. Cant get on top of my mending and re-purposing. Thats why im in the predicament that im in with our clothes in the first place. I dont like being wasteful so its hard to get rid of things unless I know they are going to a good home. Well with that final realisation I think ive found my clothing mojo. Im going to start another box. A big one. With a nice friendly 'free to a good home' sign on the front. That can live on the front porch too for a little while.

Hope youre having a nice rainy weekend and the hailstorms dont do too much damage!


dorothybills said...

I found much delight in recieving the box of goodies too!!, was sooo much fun to rummage through, thank you so much! Eleesa x

簡單嗎 said...


Sara said...

OOh I hope that comment above is some sort of asian porn spam. I'm always on the look out for that. or are you bi/multi lingual and I've just put my ignorant foot in my mouth?

anyway, yay for a wardrobe clean out. feels so good, i reckon. I often feel the more clothes you have, the less you have to wear. Unless you have some ginormous walk in wardrobe, a cleaner and someone to do all your washing, then there is no way you can ever see all your clothes, let alone find anything to wear when you need it. I

And a double deep wardrobe - AMAZING! I have never heard of such a thing. Quite jealous actually! hanging space is at a premium in our place too, but you have just been spoilt! Must be hard to adapt to normal wardrobes now.

Also, Eleesa you lucky thing, I am coveting that red, orange and yellow rug, I love those colour combos. Sunset! Retro sunset! Oh the nostalgia..

Well I hope all is well in your new home etc, unpacking, settling in, colour coordinating. takes a lot of energy. Remember to put your feet up with a cup of tea or two every now and again! xx

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