Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bees Knees

Ive joined Bees Knees Books so I can keep up to date with the latest kids books from all over the world.
Ill be reading a lot of bedtime stories to Mali over the next few years.

Don't Lick The Dog (Making Friends with Dogs) is a new book by Wendy Wahman. It teaches kids how to interact with unfamiliar dogs with silly rhyme and humor. The illustrations are wildly outrageous which make it even more fun to read to kids.


Sara said...

cool! i can already recite Goodnight Moon verbatim after less than 2 months of nannying, so new books is probably a wise idea! i love the pamela allen books too, she has a good rhythm to her words.
what are some of your old favourites? Mum used to read my ladybird books from the UK - rhymes a go go and the history of kings and queens!

the textured leaf said...

Im a 'Go Dog Go' kinda girl. And then moved on to Enid Blyton. Every week id walk round to the local post office and spend my money on the next book. Sadly, I didnt keep my collection.
I loved 'The Marvellous Adventures of Alvin Fernald' and still have that!

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