Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a walk in the park

This is a true story and it happened last october......

Once upon a time in London, beyond a gate

there was a park that seemed endless

canopies that divert the eye skywards

branches reaching for sunlight

lovely foliage and grand pine formations

a perfect home for woodland creatures 

mr and mrs squirrel are preparing for winter by the look of things

sorry to disturb you but would you happen to know the way out?

couldnt find it with all those trees in the way.

And in a sidestreet waiting for us was this place. Love the name, dont you.
Guinness anyone?


Sara said...

yes please I'd love a pint! What a wonderful post. Did you photoshop that sun in?! I love UK, especially parts like that. My parents raised me over there so I sort of have a nostalgic connection to all these British. I was there in September last year, just before you I guess?

the textured leaf said...

Its a close second to a cuppa, isnt it?
I didnt have to do anything to these! It was a glorious day.

Sara said...

Oh I wish we had pubs like theirs. They're more like loungerooms really. And the lovely gardens...great place for a holiday eh?! I have to admit, we were ordering lemonades by the end of ours, there was just toooooo much drinking!

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