Saturday, February 6, 2010

my place and yours

This week im the Theme Queen for My Place And Yours over at Punky & Me. Thanks for my crown, Ill wear it proudly...... all week!
This weeks theme is 'Whats In Your Bag?'

So here goes

The bag is from a vintage shop in a tiny little alley in Tokyo
My purse is from Country Road (dont think im a brand name girl though cos im definitely NOT)
my husband bought it for me because its green,
the zip is broken... I rest my case
car key with a measuring tape attached which has to be one of the best things I ever bought
another measuring tape to convert to inches
a docket from Darn Cheap Fabrics earlier in the day
hair brush that i just bought in Paris but its nothing special
my favourite silver hairclip another gift from hubby.
 I cried when he gave it to me because it has peacocks on it and it meant that he had been listening
 (lots of other hidden meaning in that one)
2 vintage patterns my daughter has just given me
moving kit from the post office filled out and ready to go, and our freshly signed rental lease
(we move this week coming but only 2 kms down the road)
and some studs for fixing jeans cos I keep losing them around the house so I decided to put them in my handbag so I know where they are.
Im trying to fix stuff and do all my mending so I can start at the new house with a clean slate!
My makeup bag from Melissa at Tiny Happy.
Thats pretty much it!


Pam said...

Now that is an interesting mix of items. Love the green bag and purse. My colour too.
Thanks for the theme this week! :)

The Back Shed said...

Definitely a sewers bag! Good luck with the move and thanks for the theme this week.

Vic said...

Oh I like your bag very much - I have a couple very similar in tooled leather but they both have horses frollicking on the front.

What a mixed "bag" you have there...! You've reminded me I have to get one of those moving deal'es from the PO too (our move is tres close too, but no more renting, hurrah!), so thanks for that! ;)

Grand theme your royal highness!

the textured leaf said...

Thanks ladies.
Vic, Id love to see pics of the new place before you touch it! Is that possible? Would you like to send them via email or am I asking too much?
It must be very exciting for you to have your first home. When do you settle?

midge said...

very interesting contents and i can't believe the style sleeping bag pattern. i have that pattern in my crafty cottage from when my 28 year old daughter was a baby. still use it too. love tiny happy too

Cherie said...

Love your theme and your blog too. Your mixed bag is full of all I can relate to :) Good luck with your move and everything that goes with it ;)

Mandy said...

thanks for the fun theme! Nice load of stuff you have! I just moved 2kms down the road too! Love it! Good luck with your move!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Great theme! Thanks so much! I love all the compartments in your bag, must make it easy to find things.
Sophie x

beck said...

You have a lovely practical scene going on there! Good luck with your move, hope your new home is filled with happy times & love xo

Kylie @ alittlereddress said...

Fun theme! Love your bag, pretty design and great compartments. Best of luck for your move...

the yellow house in the U said...

I agree with Kylie - such a fun theme, so thanks! I once had a bag like yours but it was brown and I was 7, and I dropped it down a waterfall in Austria. That is the end of my random story...I should probably hit delete on that...anyways, your bag is pretty and very organised!

the textured leaf said...

Im glad you didnt hit the delete button. Sorry for your loss, yellow house.
Thankyou everyone for the well wishes for our upcoming move.

Anonymous said...

Great theme choice and great bag! I love the detail in the leather. I love that you keep the studs for jean mending in your bag, also handy for those on the run moments when you need extra punk detailing on any outfit.
Thanks for sharing!

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