Monday, February 15, 2010

the real deal

Well here we are at the new place.
A picture speaks a thousand words and all that.

This is my reality at the moment and im expecting worse in the next couple of days. Whose silly misguided idea was it to drag this thing out for 2 whole weeks thinking it would be easier and more of a slow transition, maybe not so tiring?

Breaking my favourite bird statue wasnt part of the deal. Thats 'Murgatroyd's' nose on the ledge next to his feet.
 And... I packed him myself!
 Wouldnt it be lovely if I could fast forward to next week when I know at some point I would have had the urge and more importantly the energy to clean the old place and do the gardening (picking up Rusticos #$* too) in order to get our bond back and our bank balance was looking healthier for it.

What will be my studio, (its actually the laundry) I adore lean-tos, dont you?
Complete with council throw-out table and a pre-cut slab of mdf. Watch this space as its going to be scandinavian grey any day/week/month now.

Dont get me wrong. Im definitely not complaining, just a bit tired after four days and counting with a sore back thrown in. Time to book that massage ive been dreaming about for months. Maybe a swim in the pool while I still can? Perhaps without the underwater camera so theres no exhaustive drowning and swallowing of water this time. With my boy who never fails to delight me.

I love a new home because with it, and all the hassle, comes a fresh outlook and a chance to whittle down unneeded things.

Yepppp. Still a laundry if I ever saw one. This will be challenging!

Perhaps a garage sale is in order, Ill ready all the boxes of stuff and someone else can do the selling this time.
 I love to attend other peoples, you see, but dont enjoy the letting go on the day. Its a bit invasive. How do you get your head around it when youre the sentimental type?

I get sentimental about something I bought last month!
If ...
I was with a certain friend a nice market ....and it was a long awaited girls day out.... and the list goes on...just the right shade of green.....ummm....price sometimes comes into it... the music I was listening to at the time.....a friendly chat with the stall holder ( they cant be un-nice )....

Time to fold this!
 scroll down if you are brave of heart

This is only three days washing in the land where I come from.
 It looks larger in real life. Have nowhere to put this once im done.
There is another 4 loads awaiting me at the old place and for some uncanny reason there is no sign of a washing line at the new?????? Did they have a maid?

Bunnings here I come!
Might sidetrack past the paint counter for my 'scandinavian grey' on my way to laundry lines though


Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Wow! You're new house looks really nice! Enjoy setting up. Just think how happy you'll be once it's over! :)

dorothybills said...

jealous! your new home is gorgeous!

the textured leaf said...

Jealous back! You can do whatever colours you like, paint to your hearts content, make wonderful shelving, amazing full length blackboard walls, and youll probably be able to stay forever. I, on the other hand, had to send an email asking for permission to erect a meager garden shed. Boring.

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