Tuesday, February 23, 2010

six degrees of separation

Well its not quite six in some instances and more than six in others but the thoughts that this old saying conjures up will give you an indication of where I wanted to go with this. Play along if you please.

Ive been visiting a few memorable blogs this past week in my down time. Blogs that I still have images from when I go to sleep at night. Im sharing my favourites here in case you havent come across these gems.

So grab your cup of tea. Click on the links, and be inspired.

Belle Maison for quick fix interior motivation plus drool worthy images. Weep freely. No one will see you.

My Owl Barn for giveaways but more importantly up to the minute websites of note. Not to mention heaps of owl love. Wonderful!

The Paris Market & Brocante for all the francophiles out there. Lots of street scapes and markets. It almost feels like im back there...... almost.

Fits & Starts & Crafts one cool chic thats got something going on. Really creative and she makes me laugh.

DanielleQ Curiouser and Curiouser she has a nice fresh natural writing style and shares her daily family happenings openly with all of us. Her little ones are gorgeous!


DanielleQ said...

Such a sweet highlight - thanks for the mention!

Sara said...

You had me at the tea cup. LOVE! THAT! TEA CUP! what's the story behind that one please?

My Owl Barn said...

Thanks for the mention! Have a great weekend!

Morganism said...

I am totally flattered and thankful for the shout out, although I think I should be sorry for what sound like midnight hauntings in your head. I just started really keeping up with my blog, literally, like, two months ago. It's really encouraging to read that people are enjoying it. If I can make you laugh, that's enough for me. I think sarcasm is hereditary, don't you? <3

Michelle Macdonald said...

I hope your toothy is better...lots of hugs, mish. XOX. I love the way you write girl...

Sara said...

Hey Wendy, I'm baaaaaaccck. Sent you an email to your hotmail account. Just checking if you got it? Or did life SWALLOW you right up like a tasty treat? If it did, you know it happens to the best of us! xx

the textured leaf said...

DanielleQ; I have no more words. I love your blog and your sharing and think your family are gorgeous. I visit you often. Your photos are lovely, fresh and natural.

Sara. The cup is decidedly yours. (Alice in Wonderland has withered my brain and I havent even seen the latest installment)
Please send me an address asap. Feel no regrets as I was wishing it to find someone to love it as much as me, only more often, on a daily basis and at a fair many more tea partys than I could possibly muster on my limited schedule.

the textured leaf said...


I love you forever, like forever love. You know what I mean. Thanks for caring so much that you asked about my tooth! x

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