Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my creative space

Im tired of lifting things so ive been decluttering and placing some things in nice spots around the new abode.
I never ended up tackling the washing pile as promised either. Had a nice cold beer instead. Its been 2 days now I have more to do and cant because the washing machine isnt leveled yet and the level is back at the old place. Tried the water level thing and gave up cos one adjustable leg is rusted into the highest position. Getting back to reality is gonna take me a few more days yet. Its funny that when you cant do the normal things that that is exactly what you want to do.
Ive filled 2 boxes full of stuff so far. Its a great way to feel good instantly, isnt it? Ill sleep well tonight. Thought id take some shots for the sake of progress.

Im off to take some furniture to a girlfriend in need and dismantle her shed (its free).
Were gonna need it to store all those things that I cant quite part with yet.

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Sara said...

Argh! I have been meaning to write back to you FOR SO LONG! I'm so sorry. Life caught me unawares and I just haven't had time to even turn on the computer! I marvel at you for managing to move house and still find time to blog - you are truly inspirational. I do hope that the unpacking gods are kind to you and that all your special things find lovely new spots to live in. But decluttering is good too! I'm always torn between the two myself.

the textured leaf said...

Thats SO NICE to hear, Sara.
Please dont marvel as its simply my therapy. You see some days I find that I will hardly sit down. I dont know what it is that I do mind you. Im one of those 'shove something in my gob quickly at 2.45 before I pick the kids up' kind of girls. The blog helps me slow down and reflect on all the small details and Ive been happier for it, even if I am just a wee bit addicted.
Yes, the unpacking was great today (things are fitting nicely) and yes, I am torn most of the time, mainly due to not liking wastefulness.

Wendy said...

Ooh! Pretty vignettes! Happy unpacking...

june at noon said...

Looking really nice. You have a great style in your vignettes.

yardage girl said...

You have some lovely things there - great pics too. Thanks for sharing!

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