Saturday, February 20, 2010

even more white in the country

More 'White in the Country'.
Our renovation in Warburton, Victoria.
Above is the staircase after just being constructed and in a very raw state, complete with problem plumbing pipe from the ensuite that would have to be dealt with somehow.

If I knew it was going to look this good I probably wouldnt have taken months to finish it. Two bug infestations later. In forty degree heat. After the first coat of lime wash. If youve ever limewashed anything this means that if you sand back anything (meaning hardened bug carcases) it alters the wonderful effect you were trying for and you risk it looking whited out completely. May as well have just painted it plain white to begin with. Much simpler. I consider myself lucky.

This gives you a great indication of how I tackled the pipe. I couldnt bear to waste the space I had gained so opted to build (yes me on my lonesome) a decent sized linen cupboard. I was going to put a door on it but it really looked homely just the way it was.

This is a close up of the ugly cumbersome stair rail that we inherited with this place. These are in way too many australian homes if you ask me. The two lower bars were removed and we painted it white. (They are normally in dark stain wood look)

Here you get a glimpse of what we were dealing with and the sheer darkness of the wood stains.

A good friend built this over a weekend and he gave us a crash course in welding (my hubby had done it before but I hadnt). Im totally hooked especially with the forging part. It happens very quickly and you almost cant believe your eyes. Beautiful curves made by fire.This ended up costing only $340 for the steel. Although we did have to purchase the welder as well. 

I hope to inspire you to deal with ugly features that you want to change around your home. It took us three long years to decide to take the plunge with the stairs. I wish we had done it the very first weekend!


willywagtail said...

Love the all white and even more the forged steel. O to be able to do that. Cherrie

the textured leaf said...

It seriously was NOT hard at all. Just heavy once it was put together. Very very fun to boot.

Katie said...

Your house is jawdroppingly gorgeous!

the textured leaf said...

Thanks Katie, it was. Weve since sold it. But I love looking back on what we achieved on a small budget.

victoria said...

So great!! And I love the little glimpses of old pictures on the walls too.

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