Friday, February 5, 2010

more white in the country

Originally the stairs were at the other end of the room and their was a wall across,
 dividing the entry from the actual kitchen.  A close friend flew down from nsw to show us how to weld and helped us do the staircase. We had to fire up the forge that we had never used and it was the best fun Ive had bashing the steel into a beautiful artisan style curve. (see before shot below)

These arches were not original we built in the pantry cupboards and put in a narrow window seat.
Below shows before the window seat and the window frame still unpainted as we considered keeping the black for dynamics.

The cupboard in the island was an old buffet we picked up at a country auction for $275
and we built the whole island from scratch around it. The view in from the lounge decided the central placement to the doorway, in order to hide any kitchenalia.

While we had no lighting during the renovation we cooked by lamps plugged in to sockets,
the nice ambience of which I missed when we finally put the lights in about 8 months later.

This is the before shot and its the only one I can find, sorry im standing in the way. We didnt take many shots of the room when it was dark and ugly, you see. Plus we were too busy ripping it apart to bother with a camera.
I glad my son took this one.
Its the before I had drunk my Guiness shot...
 before I had probably taken my end of day shower and washed my hair after renovating ....
before I had considered doing a blog and that this would be used as a photo too
Im pretty certain the pink number im wearing is my pyjama top donned at the beginning of the day!


Vic said...


I wish I could see your reno photos - I am particularly interested in such things at the moment... will have to come back when my internet is all fast & zoomy again!

Just popped by to bow down to Her Royal Highness & theme queen for this week!

dorothybills said...

Amazing, amazing is all I can say!

the textured leaf said...

Ill have to do a post just for you of all the horrific mess as we went along. That will make you feel great when you are going through your own.
We had four kids living at home still and we would wake up revived from sleep and throw things around just to clear rooms to start the day. The next morning we would find that we would be sick of what we worked on the previous day and move on to another space only to create this domino effect of chaos throughout the house.
Then monday morning would come and I alone would be left to clean up while everyone else went to work or school. They are the real photos, but very off-putting.


the textured leaf said...

Oops! I forgot to look up My Place And Yours. Thanks for the award/nomination.

midge said...

your house looks amazing. it is the first time i have visited your blog and i love it. thanks for the visit, i had fun. i'll be back soon

the textured leaf said...

We have sold this property now. And are on the move, again. It is an amazing house though!

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