Thursday, February 11, 2010

polishing silver

I once caught the end of a segment on a home show only to discover that I actually would have liked to know what they had said (for once). Normally these shows are endlessly boring and full of stupid ideas that are a waste of time in my opinion. For example the other day, one that I 'wasnt' watching just happened to be folding my washing in front of, spent 5 minutes telling us how to disguise our multitude of cords that are behind our tvs. It looked much worse when she had finished! They were still on the floor for all to see only wrapped up in eye-grabbing fabric that would attract more dust than plastic ever would.

Anyway getting back to the reason for this post. I have finally found the silver polishing recipe that I missed out on all those years ago over at pancakes and french fries. I dont have much to polish these days but what I do have is looking pretty tarnished. Theres not much effort required and it wont smell at all!


Juddie said...

Amazing! No elbow grease required! Thank you for the link :-)

Sara said...

I wasn't planning on doing anything this afternoon but now I am going to excited polish anything silver I can find! Thank you!!

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