Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my place and yours, kitchen love

The theme for this weeks my place and yours is kitchen love chosen by Tracey and Nic. Im playing along but im not quite ready for a full length of the kitchen as one end still has unpacked boxes.

I dont like yellow at all so im calling the colour of my benchtops 'pale pumpkin'.
 It happens to be one of my favourite foods.
 Dishes have had to be done and I do really love the smallish humble sink that urges you onward to perform the thrice daily ritual.
I love having a window to look out from.

I dont really 'love' this whole kitchen yet, but the knife rack is wonderful. We had one at our old place in the country and have missed it. The spot to put all my spices is very deep and I hope to add a few more bottles that I have had hidden away in a cupboard.

This is a nice place next to the stove in one of those old fireplace surrounds and our dairy baskets fit perfectly under the bench.
 Better get back to unpacking some more boxes methinks.
I wonder what the theme will be next week?


m.e (Cathie) said...

Love the knife rack & dairy baskets!! very nice.

Jackie said...

Love those Dairy baskets and the very handy little space next to your stove.

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