Thursday, February 4, 2010

quilt along

Its week two of the quilt along over at I Have To Say.  So far Im on target.
I cut up old clothes and all sorts of things for my quilt. I want this to be really personal with a few memory pieces for Mali as she'll have it for life. The rose bud fabric was a top I made when I was pregnant with my daughter, Malis mum. You get the picture.


The shirred piece towards the top was a blouse I wore when I was breastfeeding her.

The white hankies that are already joined to the left are from a curtain I made her when she was thirteen in our very first home we purchased so thats special too.

In case youre wondering why I didnt keep it as curtains, she set it alight with candles on the windowsill one day when I wasnt home. The boys did a wonderful job of putting it out while she panicked, worried more by the wrath she was going to incur for ruining the curtains. I had been working on them for two weeks not to mention the massive hankie search Id been on to find just the right pieces.
Glad the house didnt burn down.
I had to repaint but hey, I love painting.

The pieces to the right are already joined from when I started this quilt a while ago.
 Mali is 5 months old and counting.
Winters coming too.

Off to the machine....

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Kate said...

What a magnificent project! Stunning to look at and packed full of memories and stories. I know so many people (including myself) who keep bits of fabric for a quilt like this but I have yet to see one made. Lucky Mali!

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