Friday, February 12, 2010

slices of art

These are all images from one painting. It was just from an opshop and it hangs proudly in my girlfriends lounge room but I cant resist taking snippets of one image to change the composition around a little bit as a kind of lesson.
One of my favourite prints that I own was a very badly torn old fifties scene of a treed forest. Sometimes these can be dated in a bad way because of the scene as a whole. I cut all the bad bits off and sliced it up a bit more to fit a frame I had and before I knew it the composition had changed so dramatically that it looked like a totally different image and took on a modern look.
Ive been hanging paintings at the new house today and its on my mind to do some more rearranging of artworks in this way. I have a badly damaged one from our bathroom that became moldy around the edges due to the moisture in the room for the past year. Im sure there will be more that need a bit of a revamp along the way as I unpack.

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