Sunday, February 21, 2010

free vintage prints

I had a visitor here the other day from my owl barn and I always like to do a bit of visiting of my own.

Well, Im so glad I did as her blog is all about owls. My mum has always been a huge fan and of course growing up with someone who loves them, it is kind of contageous.
She has found a wonderful site for free vintage prints.
Yepp. Thats right. Free.
 And gorgeous.

Take yourselves over there right now I promise its a real feast.

These are just two that I wanted to look at a little bit longer.  I have a couple of stones in pieces of jewellery that I still dont recognise so this will come in handy.

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Michelle Macdonald said...

Cool Blog !! Love it! Hope to catch up ONE FINE DAY soon

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