Friday, February 3, 2012

quilted bunting - the quick way

Here is how I made the bunting for Squiggly Rainbow's Bunting swap.

 For those crafty types who have never done quilting because they think its too scary/perfect, quite a few customers have voiced this at markets too, im hoping this post may help you begin. This kind of quilting gets squared up as you go along so its not your typical crazy quilting, not being a fan of angles myself.

There are so many pictures, probably the most in a blog post ever eeeeek!, and instead of apologising ill simply try not to write too much and make it all wordsy. I think shots like the ones that follow are self explanatory. But if there are any questions, (being very hopeful here that people will get to the end) they will be answered in the comments box left for others to view.

Keep a close eye on things as you go and skim sew past any gaps.


When I got to about family pizza box size I stopped joining and had the not too bright idea that I could slice them into pizza triangles.

However I dont recommend doing this at all as they got really wonky bad. Next time ill use a triangular template.

I had these offcuts so joined them together to make more to match the size of the other triangles.

And was able to make another four.

I liked the thought of wool for backing so used some old cream blanket scraps.

Okay so now im deciding that an apology is in order for the photo overload. Sorry!


Claire said...

Bunting ♥♥♥ love many different way to make it and individualise it.....

Great photos, not too many at all.

I am in the middle of a bunting binge and working on crocheted mini bunting.

Once you've got the bug............

Claire :]

Joanne said...

I can't believe you don't press as you go! That was drummed into me by my patchwork teacher. :) End result is good, though.

Andrea said...

No apologies, it looks great, but sheesh...a lot of work. I made bunting for the wedding the lazy way - and even now i say never again!

Tracey said...

sooooo pretty, love seeing your gorgeous work in action!

A Christy Production said...

I wish you were my swap partner....

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