Thursday, February 2, 2012

the new studio space

While I was in Adelaide blankets werent the only thing I bought. I allowed myself the naughty indulgence of this vintage print. I have wished to have it for a long time and waited patiently to see her at a low price.
The Seamstress by Vermeer in case youre not familiar with the image.

The frame needs to be worked on as its shoddy but I care not as the beautiful painterly detail is all there to marvel upon. I found myself walking over to stare at her during the day as I worked through my jumbled mass of bits and pieces. Nearly there. Just need to get the Mr to help me with the folded fabrics so they dont unravel on the way up the ladder.

I tipped all of the ribbons and trims out and started over from scratch trying to colour coordinate as I went to make the search for the right shade of whatever im working on quick. Ive wasted precious minutes standing in front of this rack lately.

And that hoard of pompoms from the market had to go on the floor.

Everytime I move things around I wish I could be bothered painting the tables to match but I dont have it in me.

The second phone has been floating around the house and now has a permanent home, which is practical for the amount of phonecalls I receive anytime I settle down to sew. MrTL has his worries about me falling down the stairs while he isnt around too, and I most likely would rush that bit faster to a phone ringing out. 

Here I keep handmade bias binding for everyday use and cut offs from doilies closeby to be made into pockets or slippers or necklaces or placed strategically on the hoodwinks.

I will not be sewing tonight as I thought. Im taking the night off.


willywagtail said...

Your room looks very useable. Glad to hear that you are having a rest. Cherrie

zofia said...

It looks lovely and fresh! Ready to start anew.
Hope you are well. xx

Joanne said...

It looks like a good place to work. It seems your windows are a little too high to see out of while seated so pleasing artwork is a necessity!

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