Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a quilt

Ive begun the task of my first king size quilt. I dont know how my nannas machine will handle the quilting on this one but we will soon find out.
The brief for this quilt was that she loved strong colour with pale highlights and there isnt a colour that she doesnt like. How easy is that? So ive been happily chopping up all my scraps while watching a movie this morning.

Ill send her this shot via the shop today and see if its what she had in mind.
Basically all of the fabrics are here once each and then they will be repeated across the entire quilt.
I thought this would be the easiest way for her to see the mix as there are a few retro pieces and some bemsilks that I want to be sure of before I start stitching. 

After looking up the sizing for a king bed mattress I worked out that I need 500 squares! so far im up to 324.
Ive had five baskets full of scraps, separated into colors of browns/yellows, reds/pinks, blues/purples, greens/aquas and a basket of pastels which I wont use this time.
I thought id do a hundred squares from each basket but that leaves me with a hundred unaccounted for so ill be raiding the stash rather than putting in too many repeats.

Ive also had this idea of doing a stripey quilt with all of the scraps of the scraps but that will have to wait.

Happy quilting!


willywagtail said...

Pretty. Overtones of blue with the squinty eye test. Cherrie

Lotti said...

Nice quilt, can't wait to see that when it's finished. That will be a good project for you to do. The colours are really really nice.

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