Sunday, February 19, 2012

did i tell you

Did I tell you this is now my very favourite tea but ive only just discovered it sitting in the back of the cupboard and dont remember buying it 
did I tell you you will love it too

did I tell you that im not a dog person but I adore my dog

did I tell you I have a pet spider in the studio and his fly carcasses have become an artwork of sorts

did I tell you I almost giggle to myself when I describe myself as a designer, never having trained

did I tell you I hardly ever go to markets as a shopper, only as a seller

did I tell you I put my hand on a huntsmans nest last week, I didnt realise the mother was in situ, and baby spiders crawled up my arm

did I tell you at the end of each week I like to have no food in the fridge so that I can start the week fresh

did I tell you I havent folded the washing for two weeks and only realise my guilt when someone asks for their undies

did I tell you I find it very hard to cut into fabric for the first time

did I tell you the one thing I tell myself not to buy at opshops is the thing I end up going home with

p.s   I will fold the entire washing by days end and vacuum up those fly bodies

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