Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a little bit of crochet

It has been a nice slow couple of weeks where I have done the odd market or two and taken my crochet along for the day. Im only able to do one or two rows but they will add up over time which is way better than having it sit home in the corner of the lounge where I wasnt noticing it.
Eskimo production is in full swing after I came home from wednesdays market to find 13 outers cut ready for me. My man is a special one. A bit pushy but I told him to because I know how I can be.


The Kooky Green Owl said...

I'm sitting in my bed, crocheting when i saw your post. Your pile looks lovely.

inthelightofthesun said...

crochet! another long lost love and I thinking about rekindling! especially since summer is officially over now...
what a lovely mr you have. cutting out stuff takes time! and brains!

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