Thursday, February 2, 2012

creative space

Today will be the first whole day ive had home and been in the correct frame of mind to tackle the new loft space that will become my studio.
Rustico has been walked in the fresh morning air before things heated up and ive even had some friendly banana bread wielding visitors that vacuumed and spruced up the house. As they wanted to stay but could tell from my body language that I was itching to achieve the big stuff. Plus the whole of downstairs is pretty much piled up especially all around the stairs, waiting, so they didnt have to be too genius to work out my next stage. 

The old shelves from way back have come out of retirement and, because they come apart, were easy to erect so fit nicely against the high wall. The loft access is a simple ladder, you see.

Im on a self imposed time schedule and hope to be back into full production this evening as ive decided to do the Carribean Gardens market tomorrow for something different. I didnt realise it was open on a friday morning as well as wednesdays and sundays.

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