Monday, February 13, 2012


The sewing machines are off the table and up in the new loft space ready for big things. A king size quilt order, new eskimos, some classic knits for boys and cardigans for girls again. 

Weve had our open for inspections and the first couple who saw it have already rented the house and we have our dates for moving. It all happened like clockwork once we set the wheels in motion to break the lease. .

Things are very organised and almost boring so I have been taking the potato with me to hunt for a new place and were having fun scouting around. The sense of pressure isnt there somehow and everything seems like it has slowed down for us.
I havent even packed my first box yet but have been whittling things down and sorting through cupboards and drawers while the Mr boxed up his things. Bringing the wheelie bin inside has become a daily ritual. I have an easy clarity of purpose each day and I hope it lasts, another few days of this would be real nice.

In market news I was out at Rokeby Market this weekend gone and it was lovely. Mum came to spend the morning with me, and Zjahlii and the grandbabies came too. Lots of cuddles were caught up on and Zjah took her first order for one of her jackets, so im very happy for her. It is a nice bit of the planet out there so ive booked in for the next few markets too.

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