Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Things look productive from here dont they?
Dont be fooled, im surrounded by chaos. Apart from the fact that we moved almost half our furniture around over the weekend to make way for baby coming, (my winter fabrics are piled up everywhere) and our dancer moved back home last night,
there is mr16 sleeping on the couch behind me with the flu. Nevertheless the morning went rather smoothly and we all ate nice hot porridge together, no-one waited for the bathroom,
we made it in time for the train, ive already done the dishes and vacuuming,
the dogs been fed, ive blitz tidied the bedroom and all before nine o'clock.

Those empty hangers right there are supposed to be filled by todays end. That was my plan monday.
It still is, only im just not sure how to execute it right this minute.

I have a school interview this morning and will need to take the couch dweller.
 After a date with the postie ill be off to buy even more fabric for a queen random quilt im doing for a customer as well as stock up on some wrap dress pieces.
Im looking at real estate this afternoon at fiveish.
Picking MrTL up at 6.
Going out at 7 for the evening and still hoping to come home and sew!

On the upside the dancer folded all the washing last night
while I cut out some more patterns and eskimos for larger sizes.
I am getting somewhere just not very quickly.

Hope your wednesday is a wonderful warm sunny one.


Notchka said...

Phew! I share your pain/frustration in having a zillon things to do, sick people to take care of ...and somehow trying to shoehorn your sewing in there. Speaking of which its back to the sewing machine for me :)

Gen. said...

You are amazing Wendy. I think I need some lessons in time management!! X

willywagtail said...

If my day was even half as productive as your morning I would be happy but I choose to be happy even though it won't be. It's sunny and warm here and perfect for lazying around. Enjoy your evening out ;) Cherrie

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