Monday, May 23, 2011

waiting for buttons

Although I had help with the eskimos over the weekend
in the lead up to the market, I was simply too sick to stay up late putting buttons on like I usually do.
Heres a preview of the shop update for this week.
I am loving the greens and Zofia yours is almost done too!


BOB & MABEL said...

I'm loving the green too, such a beautiful colour.

beingsimone said...

I love the green one! What size is it?

Kelly Ingram said...

I'm loving all these colours that you are using in this new batch of eskimos - so funky Wendy! Hope you feel better soon lovely lady xx

Evee said...

These green ones are simply stunning!

zofia said...

ooh, exciting!
Every time you put up pics, I want more!

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