Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the after

Today I want the after, not the before.
The before kind of sucks.
I didnt do anything (other than nothing) until 7pm last night.
I needed to 'do' but just couldnt summon any energy whatsoever. I didnt even see that there was dog food that I could have given our poor faithful Rustico until the Mr came home.
On the tip of my tongue were the words 'my next husband will be a drawer closerer', but I simply couldnt say that to the man who had just bought take away and arrived home to a mutant housewife.
Yep that was me sitting on the couch watching home shows, staring at the washing and trying no to cough too much into the phone when it rang. And it rang alot. I even had one of those annoying 'youve just been chosen...' and hung up hearing the words '47 inch plasma'.
That made me sooooo angry that they had interrupted my day.
Soooo.... that was yesterday but today has to be better.

I decided that since I dont have anywhere near enough energy, secretly hoping
 to do the entire house (which it needs I assure you) and am starting back to front.
 Back room first and working my way to the front instead of the other way round like usual.

Things that ill be achieving are
opeing the house up while its sunny
talking to my plants
sorting three massive bags of scraps accumulated from the eskimo cutting out
finding a home for the extra piece of furniture (see above)
shaking dead flies off of the back window seat cushions
doing a rough tidy of the studio (dont want to think about that)
folding all my washing
 prepping things for an op shop run
moving the home brew paraphernalia out of the laundry
and definitely feeding the dog early.

Why do I always feel like starting a new quilt when im like this?
Whats with the fact that im stupidly giving myself something else to do?


willywagtail said...

Perverse woman! It's because you are getting better. Just like the kids who start arguing with each other when they are on the mend. Hope the sun shines for you soon. Cherrie

beingsimone said...

Because quilting's way more fun and you feel so horrid? :) Start with a nice thing (open the house) then do a yucky job (with a 15min timer on), then another nice thing (get quilt fabrics out and put your fave fabric on the top of the pile- 15min), then another yucky job etc etc. And feed the dog in a special bowl, on a nice napkin, in a different place than you usually do ;)

Hope you feel lots better on such a sunny day!

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