Tuesday, May 17, 2011

shop update

boys size 5-6

I realise I havent mentioned anything about our holiday away and the fun we had but it will simply have to wait as ive booked into
Mulgrave Makers market this sunday.
I hit the ground running this morning and have finished two eskimos for the shop.
If they arent snapped up by saturday ill be taking them to
market with me.

Normally I do this the other way around.

I make and make and make like a mad woman and then go off to market with my goods first, only placing the ones I bring home in my shop. I dont want to do that this time.
I sew late into saturday night, not that I want it to go this way, falling into bed at around 3AM ending up with no time and no daylight to take photos before customers come along the next morning. 
Lets say I was a bit put out with myself when I did this recently.
I needed to have something to remind me of my makings and all that effort. darn it.
I felt a bit deflated even though things sold nicely. I even caught myself wishing id snuck a photo of my 'little' customers, but thats a bit silly really.
So here is where im at today. Im placing these in the shop right now.
If they disappear ill just have to sew faster.

girls size 2

(if any of you are wondering why I have a different ornament
on the shelf when doing the shots for Etsy its because when I need to scroll through my
Photo Gallery its obvious in the thumbnail which are the latest, making uploading a lot quicker)

Just a quick note to Andrea and Angelina who won my pin-cushion giveaway.
Can you please send me your addresses via email.
I feel awful that the others have theirs and I still dont have your details.
Ive contacted you a couple of times via your emails connected to your blogs but dont seem to have heard.
If you have sent them to me im sorry for not noticing, things have been crazy in my boxes,
and I had to have a tidy up, so can you please try again. Thanks!


A Christy Production said...

When did you send the others? I don't appear to have received mine.... :(

angelina said...

hi wendy, i have enjoyed the pics of your beautiful new grandchild! your sewing space, just looks dreamy. i love it. no, no pins, yet! :) i'm making do with the 8 that were stuck in the bottom of my machine ...
will send address thru email now

angelina said...

duh, i sent you the wrong one.
po box 108
derby West Australia

the textured leaf said...

Got it Angelina!

beingsimone said...

I thought you just changed ornaments because that's your style ;)

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