Monday, May 16, 2011

today im

 going to be happy
 staying focused
creating work zones to find my clarity
delighting in some latest vintage fabric finds
making Eskimos and a Heidi
cutting my hair
searching for finality
cleaning out the fireplace 
weeding the garden
only stopping to breathe
feeling good about our life
hopeful for the future whatever may come
planning and dreaming a little

tackling the washing head on

Id like to say a very big thankyou to everyone who has wished me
 congratulations on my new grand daughter.
We are elated she has arrived and is healthy and settled and she has her parents
 gushing over her every second of the day.
Our son tells us he is feeling the tug of having to leave for the days work.
No wonder as baby is currently sleeping in mum and dads bed!


A Christy Production said...

Nice to see you back after your trip! Hope it was great. Your grand daughter has the most adorable squishy cheeks. I bet she's soaking up all the love!

willywagtail said...

Ah! The bliss of first babies. Is something the matter? You sound like you have a load on your mind and are hiding from it. Thinking of you. Cherrie

the textured leaf said...

Nope, I mean yes! Im still coughing and I definetly have forgotten how it feels to be well! maybe thats why I sound funny/odd? And there I was thinking this was a nice up-beat kinda post... thanks for being so intuitive Cherrie, x

Leonie said...

oh...I have the sniffles too and the twin peaks of mount washmore looking at me....arrrh.

Hears to good health and happiness!! ;) xxx

Alison said...

Oh what a sweet little poppet she is. How wonderful for you all.

I look forward to the time when we am all settled in and I am able to sit and enjoy our new surrounds and begin sewing again.

Evee said...

Well, you have inspired me today. It's about time I revamped Avalon's room as she's now a teenager and has been asking for some new curtains, vintage, beachy were her words, so it's off to Spotlight and a few op-shops for fabrics! xx

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