Thursday, May 19, 2011

my creative space

An eskimo for Kaylee.

 Another boring post updating the shop but im alerting customers via this space as well as documenting for the archives. You know the drill.

Ill definitely be back in here later today with photos of my very pregnant daughter helping me with the eskimos for the market. She surprised us last night saying she was coming to stay and no doubt Mali will be 'helping' too.

The reverse side is gingham and im loving using it on these linings.
Its back to the old Singer for now.


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

I love it, the gingham is such a lovely touch!

yardage girl said...

Very cute!

Debra said...

OMG!! This is darn gorgeous....can i be bold and ask is this made from one of those old woolen blankets i have been collecting? Love those blankets for their softness and warmth and lack of heavy weight...your jacket is divine!!

Sally said...

I just love your coats so much. LOVE THEM!!!

beingsimone said...

Have you seen these? LOVE!

AmyandPia said...

What a lovely coat! so pretty, and cosy. I bet my little girl wouldn't wear it though - she doesn't believe in coats, even in the snow!!

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