Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the colour purple

While ive been going about my day I cant seem to concentrate on much due to the fact that all I think about is our bulging-at-the-seams family and new babies.
If its not our grand daughter Mali, then my thoughts wander to Violet, but they dont stop there, no sirree,  because we are still awaiting the birth of our grandson in the next couple of months!
I mean, how much can a woman bear?
 It all seems to be happening too quickly.
I know im gushing deeply
 but I just had to come once again and show you the photos from the first day or two. Here is a small portion of 'us'. 

Above, Violet and I having one of many first holds.
Just so you know, I couldnt post this before now cos I had to get a grip on my cleavage and try to paste over the deep gorge of a thing in 'Paint'. Ewww!
Its time to come clean and admit I am not a fan of having boobs. I love them on other people but would much rather admire them from afar thankyou very much.

Violet and her Dad the morning after the night before.
Navarh if you are reading this im giving you fair warning that I will cut your hair while youre asleep.

A new little family has begun. Adelin looks amazing and so do her ...ahem... breasts.

I would love to have attached this to Maxabella's 'grateful' posts on saturdays but Textured Leaf Central its always a bit chaotic on that day and I never seem to be able to string my sentences together in order to do my thoughts justice.

Has anyone else done a post about family today?


kirsty@shoproomstudio said...

oooooooh, she's just scrumptious! no wonder you can't concentrate, what a sweet distraction. i'm with you on the boobs thing, they're great (on someone else).


Leonie said...

Man you are a busy woman! 3 grandies!! Your christmases will never be the same. Chris-kindle?

daylesford organics said...

Oh Wendy, you look gorgeous. Don't tell Navarh, but I think you could be her Mum easily. Beautiful stuff. xx

Sarah said...

She really is the most beautiful baby - a perfect little cherub. And you're the youngest looking Nanna I've ever seen.

willywagtail said...

Another thing we have in common. lol. I didn't like them when I was in traing bras and I sure am not keen now that my cleavage nearly touches my throat. How does a girl keep a grip on herself and set a good example I ask. Cherrie
PS Good job in paint too!

beingsimone said...

I'd be gushing too - i can only imagine you must be about to burst with love!

PS I love breasts - on me and others! I've been obsessed with them all my life. I blame Barbie - I thought hers were magnificent and couldnt wait to get some (or was it I Dream of Jeannie?)

Sally said...

Such a beautiful family. What a sweet wee babe. I am so thrilled for all your family. What a wonderful time for you all to share. You've got me gushing too!

Evee said...

Congratulations Wendy! You must be walking on air. Navarh looks so happy, and what a gorgeous baby. My oh my, how your family is growing...(just had a vision of Navarh when he was about 2 standing on your dining table with just his little shoes on showing off )

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