Monday, May 30, 2011

a quilt

Sorry ive been very absent from this space.
Life is insanely busy at the moment.
Among lots of things ive been working on the finding, designing and making of this queen sized quilt
over the last few weeks, for a market customer.

About half of its fabrics are from my stash,

then I purchased some rich velvets and vintage brocades hoping to find a balance of textures
 and give it an oriental feeling overall. 

 I did sneak a bit of linen from Amitie and a retro floral,

a bit of a 'tree' toile,

plus its very wonky and handmade. But by the end I was still in love with it which to me is a good sign.


A Christy Production said...

It's gorgeous! Nice work!

willywagtail said...

It's lovely. You have a good balance of lights and darks. I am sure your buyer will be happy. Cherrie

Luisa said...

Very very nice :) Love the way it looks.

Tanya said...

Well done. It absolutely works.

melissa said...

Its beautiful Wendy, that binding is so rich and sumptuous and i love the rounded corners. Is the navy velvet? it looks really luxurious. Love your mix of fabrics!


Michelle Macdonald said...


Tania said...

I love it! It also has a rich, wintry feel to it.

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