Sunday, May 22, 2011

this is not about eskimos

I didnt make the market this morning.
As of this moment I dont have plans. I am taking the day off and running a bath.
Correction, ill get someone else to run the bath.
 Cant rely on the couch dweller, so looks like it will be MrTL. I want to go all pruny and refill it with hot at least three times while indulging in a good book yet to be chosen from the hallway cupboard.
To put you in the picture I had a virus which began a month before we left for our anniversary (which I coughed all the way through) and am still doing. When I get a phonecall I cough while trying to talk and sometimes have to call back, only to start up again.
Now that ive got what the teenager brought home to add to it im getting worse, even im worried about me, but most of all im sick of being sick. Im tired of being slow.
Im slow at everything and cant keep up. I mean this literally. With anything.
Not just my sewing self.

This is not about eskimos.

As mentioned we moved some furniture around last weekend to make way for our sons new family staying
while they find their feet. The deadline to sort that? Today.


BOB & MABEL said...

Sending you positive, healthy thoughts. Hope you get better very soon. x.

Evee said...

Oh, no. I wish I lived closer so I could pamper you and get some things done for you. I sympathize with you on the cough. I fractured my rib one night just before our trip to Vietnam and it's only just now that I can hang out washing, drive the car, bend over, twist, you know all those things we need to do. Hope you are curled up in front of the fire as I am today. I'm reading the first of the Outlander series, Crosstitch by Diana Galbaldon. A great read. Mwah.xxxx

Copper Patch said...

You poor tree dweller. Time for some TLC from all of those you take such good care of. Try and relax so you can heal.
Ab xx

wendy hill said...

Hah! Tree dweller.. love that, x

melissa said...

oh Miss Wendy, hope youre feeling better soon!


yaga said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling bad. Being only half one's usual self really sucks! I'm glad you're making room to take care for yourself and hopefully you'll get better soon!
best wishes

Lea said...

sometimes we just have to stop everything and nurture ourselves. hope you are on the mend soon Wendy.

julia said...

Not that I mean to be an alarmist but if the cough persists, you may want to go to the doctor. Sometimes that stuff turns into walking pneumonia (my son had it in January).

There is NOTHING like an almost-too-hot bath!

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