Friday, May 20, 2011

my creative space - last nights edition

This is how we managed to be in our creative space last night. I know I promised a post late yesterday but that was simply not meant to be.
When Mali comes over she knows to go straight to the dining room
cupboard where her babushka is hiding.
Its her favourite thing and is now missing one piece as we took our eyes of her for a few minutes to get some more eskimos under way.  

Zja is now 30 weeks but says she feels like full term!
She enjoyed cutting out and designing while I

 enjoyed a first sewing lesson with baby. Look at her concentration, she was really trying.

Then when Poppa arrived home she was all his for the evening.
She had been saying his name all day.
He made the comment later that it was 'the best evening hes ever had'.


A Christy Production said...

Looks like you're making good progress!

Sally said...

How lovely to share your creative space with such treasures.

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